Episode 9

Published on:

7th Mar 2024

Aligning your work with your values - Mamta Valderrama, COO & Bestselling Author [S2, EP9]

Mamta Jain Valderrama wears many hats.

She is a Chief Operating Officer who is drawn to social impact and social justice, having started her career in healthcare operations.

In addition, Mamta is also a wife, a mom, a vegan advocate and a collector of chocolate bars from around the world – with more than 300 bars from 6 continents!

In 2017, Mamta published A Girl In Traffick, a novel based on true stories of human kidney trafficking & the black market organ trade, which became an Amazon bestselling in the thriller category.

Having grown up in Los Angeles, USA, today Mamta lives in Scottsdale, AZ, with her husband and daughter, and is currently in search of the next organisation to lend her skills, passion and personality to as a COO!

In this episode we discuss everything from human trafficking and book writing to chocolates and purpose-driven work.


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Start Being Visible
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Welcome to the Start Being Visible podcast.

My name is Mildred Talabi. I’ve spent the past decade plus mastering the art of personal branding in my career, as a former journalist and communications professional, and in my business which has taken on various forms over the years.

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Mildred Talabi

Mildred Talabi has spent the last decade mastering the art of personal branding in both her career and business as a former Journalist and PR and Communications professional.

Today she specialises in helping female leaders build powerful and authentic personal brands through being visible on LinkedIn.

She is a recognised LinkedIn Influencer, with over 50,000 followers, a 4x published author and the founder of Visible Women Tribe - a global membership community for high-achieving women in business and leadership.

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