Episode 4

Published on:

25th Oct 2023

200,000 followers on LinkedIn doesn’t happen overnight - Damilola Felicia Badmus, Personal Branding Consultant (EP4)

Damilola Felicia Badmus is a professional Photographer, Personal Branding Consultant, author, podcaster and a LinkedIn Influencer with over 200,000 followers on the platform. 

In this episode, Mildred and Damilola discuss the dos and don'ts of growing your audience on LinkedIn, the different ways to monetise your personal brand, and the best strategies for creating highly engaging content.

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Episode Highlights

08:04 - [On Google rankings] One of the important parts of being visible, especially on LinkedIn, is that it helps with your profile ranking. Sometimes I check out my name on Google and my name always comes up at the top all the time and that's because I do a lot of posting.

11:12 - [On personal branding] I started a podcast about two months ago and without any paid ad, without influencer marketing, just content marketing, I have over close to 1,000 plays on each of the podcasts. So that's to tell you that your branding really matters.

22:15 - [On getting started with content] Start with what you know. If you find it difficult talking about yourself, start with the knowledge you know and what you want to share with people.

39:34 - [On LinkedIn growth] I think one of the things that has also helped me grow on LinkedIn is trying to get busy and trying to do different activities.

57:32 - [On visibility] I think visibility has to do with you just showing up, letting people know what you do without being shy of what you do, and also using the digital tools we have available to your best advantage.

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Mildred Talabi has spent the last decade mastering the art of personal branding in both her career and business as a former Journalist and PR and Communications professional.

Today she specialises in helping female leaders build powerful and authentic personal brands through being visible on LinkedIn.

She is a recognised LinkedIn Influencer, with over 50,000 followers, a 4x published author and the founder of Visible Women Tribe - a global membership community for high-achieving women in business and leadership.

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