Episode 3

Published on:

18th Oct 2023

The judgement is coming from within - Monwara Ali, Charity CEO (EP3)

Monwara Ali has had a varied career in the public and civil society sectors, spanning 32 years.

She is currently the Chief Executive of Waltham Forest Community Hub in London, a leading charity known for their collaborative and agile approach in working at a grassroots level, and a mentor and coach for women leaders and trailblazers.

In this Client Spotlight episode, Mildred and Monwara discuss the hurdles Monwara has had to face on her journey to being visible as a female, Asian, Muslim leader in the public sector.

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Episode Highlights

09:00 - I feel that culturally we're led to believe that men have those leadership roles and their role is very much to tell us what to do and that means they should be the leaders and we should be the people that work behind the scenes to make them a success.

23:25  - I had to set that good example and it wasn't comfortable. I don't want anyone listening to me to assume that being authentic and vulnerable is easy. Well, I now know it's easy because actually I couldn't care less what people think.

29:49 - I wanted to find a way also to provide an opportunity for young women to be involved in it. Because I see like in terms of vision, I see the huge alignment, but sometimes it's so far apart other people may not easily anticipate.

39:15 - I kind of feel like now is my time and nothing's going to stop me. I'm a firm believer, I guess, whether you want to call it faith, spirituality, for those who don't believe in a particular faith. But I do feel like the thoughts wouldn't be put in my head or planted in my head or my heart if I wasn't meant to do it.

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