Episode 6

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8th Nov 2023

My ADHD nearly killed my business - Joy Foster, TechPixies Founder (EP6)

Joy Foster is the founder and CEO of TechPixies, a multi-award-winning social media training company that has helped 13,000+ women across the UK upskill with social media in order to return to work, change careers, or start a business, so they can become financially independent. 

In this episode of Start Being Visible, Joy shares her surprise at recently discovering she has ADHD, how she almost killed her business after hitting a million pounds in revenue (and how ADHD contributed to that) and why she’s posted a live video every week on LinkedIn for 4 years!

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Episode Highlights

02:53 - [On the ADHD discovery] I obviously must have masked it quite well and people weren't aware of it, nor was I. So, this is something that is really coming to the forefront now. And actually it only came to the forefront when I started really pushing myself to be the best version of myself.

15:15 - [On her upbringing] One of the things that's been massive for me is I don't know that I would care this much about the brain if I didn't have a parent that had so many challenges.

19:09 - [On career progression] I think my plan was to take every opportunity that came my way. I think as I've gotten older, I've appreciated that one of my superpowers is that I can bloom wherever I'm planted. Wherever I go, I create a life that I love.

50:36 - [On restoring her business] I sort of got my superpower within myself to believe that I could do it without funding, without investment, without loans, without credit cards. And that's been very liberating.

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